I don’t know if he’ll be a cowboy…

I don’t know if my nephew, Little Man, will ever be a cowboy, but I know I am already making plans to buy him a pony.

I don’t know if he will ever sing and play guitar on stage under concert lights or around a campfire late at night, but I know I have some songs in me for him.

And I don’t know if he will ever long to climb mountains or race fast cars or jump out of airplanes or ride bucking bulls or find wild adventure in that little heart of his, but I know the world is waiting to see what he can do.

And I don’t know if I will ever have a child of my own, with my toes and ears and eyes, but I know right now his eyes see me and I will be watching him always.

No, I don’t know what the world has in store for those chubby cheeks, tiny feet and wide, drooly smile, but I am certain of some things:

I am certain his hands won’t always be this small, reaching out to tug my hair and discover his world—a world that won’t always be this new…

and I know I will always be there to hold them.

Oh, and I am sure he won’t always fall asleep in my arms,

but I know my arms will always be open.

And it is most definate that he won’t forever fit naked in my kitchen sink, trying to capture the water that streams out of the faucet…

and I know I will always be amazed at how much he’s grown.

14 thoughts on “I don’t know if he’ll be a cowboy…

  1. This boy lifts all of our spirits. I want some of those John Deere cowgirl boots and Wranglers are my faves. That little boy is going to pave the way for more babies–like their aunts. And, your pops will grow old bouncing them in his lap and loving every minute of it. Keep him safe, keep him secure, because we all love him–and you, Jessie.

  2. I hope you do have a child of your own. Until then, be a wonderful aunt. That’s worth every bit as much in this world.

  3. Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous cowboy; Loving the Levis. Couldn’t you just sop him up with a biscuit?

    Being an Auntie is great fun and now that I’m a Nana I can say it’s the most fun I ever had with little ones .. all that loving & hugging and playing & laughing. Delicious post. Thanks for sharing him with all of us, MJ

  4. I love his little John Deere booties and Wrangler butt! He is adorable! Although the milk spit-up gurgling in his mouth makes me nauseated. Reminds me of the story my friend Kim told me about her two little boys … as she was leaving the bathroom, she saw a giant booger smeared across the wall … and she wondered, “how did this booger get here?” GROSS. I even watched those two for a day. Imagine the boogers in my house.

    Great post and photos! I hope your turn comes soon, if that is what you want. I understand these things 🙂

    Have a great week!

    • OH, I know, I have issues with the boogers and drool. Maybe it’s a little different when it’s your own kid…Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. You just never know what’s in store for you, no matter the planning or how much you think you’re in control sometimes you are reminded that you simply are not. Hope you’re enjoying some nice weather in SD. We had 60 degree weather for the first time since November yesterday and it was glorious.

  5. Dearest Jessie—Being an aunt is an amazing gift to behold. So many benefits and so much hero-worship. Always enjoy that.
    I do pray you will have a child of your own, what a lucky baby indeed to have you and Chad in his/her life. In the mean time, practice up sweet cowgirl. and Jessie? eat lots of crunchy french toast and wear poufy dresses. Sing as though you are gifting the listeners with a peek at your heart.
    and know, you are in the thoughts, hearts, and minds of those who’s paths you have crossed whether for a short time or a long time.
    Peace to you and Chad

    • Oh Mary, you are fantastically eloquent and supportive with your kind words and encouragement from the wilds of MT. I am lucky to have met you and your positive attitude even if our time together was brief. I love how you tackle life with adventure and optimism and when I hear from you I imagine you climbing those mountains with your pup and your hubby with a big, broad smile on your face…and then I smile too 🙂 Love from ND!

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