Welcome short, spectacular season!

I would like to interrupt the drizzling skies, raging rivers, mud puddles and frizzy hair to wish everyone a happy first day of summer.

I’ve been waiting for this for a while and went out last night, despite a threatening sky, to see how things are growing–

Martha, how they’re growing!

The cat came with.

I don’t know why he comes with.

Neither does he.

He was pretty pissed when the sky opened up and dumped buckets of rain on the grass that reached well over his head, so he disappeared somewhere…

that cat is weird…

Anyway,  I didn’t care about the rain (or the cat really) I just kept trucking up on to the top of a hill that, just months ago, required a good set of snowshoes and a hearty breakfast to reach.

Let’s reminisce for a moment:











What a difference a few months makes in this country!

I am always amazed how summer seems so far away during the depths of February when your cheeks are frozen, the FedEx man is stuck in your driveway and you find yourself wearing two parkas at once, only to wake up one morning to find grass up to your knees and every color of wildflower reaching for the sky.








But this summer is shaping up to be as challenging and unpredictable as its cousin winter–with unprecedented precipitation and unexpected rising rivers. So today I celebrate, and then send my thoughts and prayers to those battling flood waters, farmers who can’t get in their fields and families displaced.

Because Mother Nature, true to her form this first day of summer continues to be unpredictable, miraculous, stunning, gentle, quiet, subtle, colorful, splendid, nurturing and unforgiving all at once. 

Here’s hoping that whether the rain soaks your skin, the sun hits your shoulders or the gentle breeze tousles your hair you can find a way to take a moment and give thanks for a season so short and so spectacular today.

8 thoughts on “Welcome short, spectacular season!

  1. I love Wild Roses. I collect stuff with them on it and do stitchery with them all the time. I used to eat the petals and buds when I was a little girl and walked the roadsides for hours just admiring them. Thank you for printing your beautiful pictures. My brother’s house in Bismarck is flooded now and there’s no end in sight. I feel so bad, but, my going out there would only add to the confusion. Your farm (and kitty) look beautiful.

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful piece (came here by way of SDCountryWife). We all share in common a love of nature, ranches, wide open spaces. Lovely photography! (And I love the cat; he just wanted to keep you company!)

  3. So…I hate to be a copycat but I can’t help myself! I ALSO have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award and am sharing you with my readers. I get excited when I see you have a new post. I know the photos will be interesting and fun, your writing, creative and views, often funny and uplifting. You can read what I wrote about your work at:
    Thanks for your art!

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