I have been having some issues this past month and I decided it’s high time I let you all in on one of my little quirks.  Because I think it is one of my duties to make you all feel better about yourselves and life in general and what better way to give someone the gift of self-assurance than to flat out confess that I might be a little crazy.

I can't help it, like GaGa, I was born this way...

See, you feel a bit more normal already, don’t you?

Anyway, I may have mentioned in passing that I have a few addictions. One of them is coffee,

Like I said, it started at a young age...

Another is bagels, and, well, get me in a room with puppies and I am in danger of an overcommitment similar to that of the Megan character in Bridesmaids.

Yeah. 9 puppies in a van. That would be me.

Look at me, I'm possessed....

Obsession. We all have it in us. Sometimes it’s a great thing. Sometimes obsession pushes us to test our limits of capabilities and finds us climbing uncharted mountains, speaking foreign languages, running marathons or, you know, at the Grammys or something.

But sometimes it ain’t so pretty. Like when you snap out  of a chocolate chip cookie induced coma to find that you have been watching a marathon of “Dance Moms” on a Sunday afternoon, for like four hours straight. The realization that you may never get those brain cells back is a tough pill to swallow. And the realization that there are actually women in this world who are that awful…and they get their own t.v. show…can also be something that puts you at risk of a late night call to your therapist.

Yeah, I’ve had my fare share of obsessions. From my addiction to blending things, the semester in college where I couldn’t fall asleep without watching re-runs of the Cosby show on TV Land and the six months I spent determined to find myself a pair of the original Zubas…in my size…in pink and black…just…like…I…used…to…wear.

Needless to say I had to wean myself off of Ebay the same way I had to quit Theo.

It was painful, but necessary.

Yes, I have been known to go overboard. You witnessed it a few months back when you caught me sitting at my kitchen table in my sweatpants, crazy eyed and determined to craft something. It goes wwwaaayyy back people. Back to my days of 4-H and wildflower hunting and learning to ice skate on the frozen stock dam, practicing for hours so that one day it might be possible for me to compete in the Olympics.

I am delusional. But in those moments, the moments I am spinning on ice and getting ready to use my toe pick to launch into the triple axel I am so utterly confident I can land, I believe myself. And then I crack my tail bone on the ice and decide that perhaps I should get back to latch hooking.

Yeah, I’ve been known to possess the not so productive, not so calorie burning or brain-cell friendly obsessions in my lifetime.   And I will admit that not many of them have turned out the way I had intended.

But some have. Like my this one right here:

Ummm, hmmmm, that turned out alright sisters.

Yup. I am the woman who finds something she likes for breakfast and then eats it for breakfast like….every….single….morning. When I have a favorite menu item at a favorite restaurant I order it…every…single…time. Like a song? I press repeat. And then I press it again. Then I buy the album and NEVER take it out of the CD player until I find another album to torture my friends and family with for months at a time. Seriously, I have literally worn out CDs….

And so I guess that explains my five year marriage to a man I met when I was eleven, in case you were wondering.


Which brings me to today. I’m flaring up.

And I am blaming the advancements in technology. See, it used to be out here in the wilderness you were protected. You didn’t have access to a shopping mall, so maybe you wore the same boots every day and didn’t know any different. You were happy. You fell in love with the music that you heard coming through the radio on drives in the tractor or in the feed pickup.

All seven of them.

And you were happy humming to George Strait. George Strait is the man. And Zubas were only a fond memory. A memory that had absolutely no potential of becoming a reality again because there was NO SUCH THING AS EBAY!!!


And then, my little sister came home and introduced me to Spotify,  an online music sharing site that gives you access to any artist and all of their albums.  So I downloaded it and have been crying in my office at work for like three days in a row as I listen to Lori McKenna‘s new album on repeat for eight hours.

I mean, who writes lyrics like this?

 I was just a little girl
When your hand brushed by my hand
And I will be an old woman
Happy to have spent my whole life with one man

Who is this woman and why is she singing about my life?
Can we be friends? Lori? Lori? Can you text me? I’m dying. Sniff. Sniff. Sob.

I think I’ll stalk her on YouTube

Lori McKenna: How Romantic is That

But here’s the worst thing of all. Something I’ve known is out there for years. Something that has fed an already brewing obsession. Something that allows for that obsession to be delivered to my door with a click of the button. Something that is filling my already to capacity closets to the brim, inhibiting me from making wardrobe decisions, has me standing in front of the mirror in jeans on one leg, and then the other… It’s keeping me up late at night.

It’s costing me hundreds of dollars.

And the worst thing of all is that I can’t quit. They don’t make a patch, they don’t have a help line, I can’t call my momma cause she has the same problem…my sister is hooked too. It might be hereditary. It might be the devil…if the devil was fashionable and sexy….

Yes…you guessed it. It’s online boot shopping…and I need one of the following in every color.

I need fancy boots for singing, practical boots for riding, comfy boots for walking (because these boots are made for walking), boots that look like slippers, slippers that look like boots…

I need boots that go over your jeans, and ones that go under, and a pair that do both just in case. I need high heeled boots and mid heeled boots and well, normal heeled boots. And I need high heels that look like boots.

I need snow boots for trudging, and snow boots for shopping, and muck boots for slopping around in the shit in the corrals.

I need hiking boots to climb the hills and boots that go in my snow shoes. I need hunting boots. I need cowboy boots, and sexy cowboy boots, and boots that kinda look like cowboy boots, but aren’t.

I need hippy boots and professional boots that go with the suit I might wear some day. I need square toe, round toe, pointy toe and the ones that are kinda square and kinda pointy…

There out there…they are. I’ve seen them all!!!! Mwahahahahaha….. (*whisper* hhheeelpp….meee…)

I’ll just be a little longer… Can you hand me another chocolate chip cookie?


13 thoughts on “Obsession…

  1. lol, Jessie..looks like your just typical gal. Not when u age 20+ age and when ur whole house is full of cats, dogs, other rescued animals, old cd’s, and magazine..prob. country living and craft one’s. There just might be an issue..your family may have to do an intervention on A&E. Just saying. I love your blog, how u say it like it is and YES, I too cannot go w/o coffee unless I’m in the hospital and a doc says, NO Coffee. I don’t smoke so that is my treat in the morning. God Bless to a Real Woman. Nicole from freezing Fargo, Ya sure ya betcha.

  2. Very timely Jessie, Youngest Daughter is getting married in Sept, with a barn wedding. And, we all need new boots. She needs white boots. Everyone in both families are getting new boots. And I totally agree, different jobs require different tools, or in this case boots. Wet weather boots, dry weather boots, snowy weather boots. Wouldn’t use a screwdriver to fix a flat tire, nope, need the right tools. Exactly!! 🙂

  3. HAHA!!! I Love this! Derek tries telling me I don’t NEED anymore boots…He has to read this now to see there are more in your house, just in the pictures, than there is in ours now…haha…and the brown heels in the picture above…Where on earth did you find those? Do you remember? I LOVE them!

  4. I promise… crazy is good. These addictions may be a now thing, or they may fade someday, no longer serving a purpose. Grasp the crazy desire to do and have and be! I love your candid and genuine expression. Every time you write something I remember a time when I was young and full of life and wonder, and CRAZY! Your writings are delightful, entertaining, and lovely. Your photography is pretty darned fabulous too!

  5. Now, we all have obsessions. Mine are fabric, cross stitch stuff, yarn and cologne–some of which makes my dog run to the other side of the room. Your obsessions are useful. Mine are useful. We’re not out chasing men or hanging around in bars (you know what I mean) and our bank balances are OK. Oh, and my other obsession, fountain pens, which can run mighty expensive. I even bought some at Larsen’s Drug in WC. As long as you’re clean and sober and financially solvent, you’re OK. And, I LOVE the picture of you squeezing the life out of that kitten. Thanks for posting.

  6. I have the same boots that you do. Left hand side, first picture of boots. Love these! Boots are reassuring, protective, sexy, functional, a strong statement. Go for it! You wear them so that makes it okay!

  7. You might need an intervention if you get caught dumpster-diving the Salvation Army drop box because you’ve had second thoughts about that bag of boots and shoes you just tossed down the donation chute! 😉

    By the way, I’ve nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger award. Visit here:
    http://curtalefarm.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/versatility/ to read why I chose your blog and to get the directions on what to do next if you want to play! 🙂

  8. Jessie (you’re originally from Minnesota, yeah? Anyone who says “Uff Da” immediately brands themself. No, I’m not, but an ex of mine was.

    OK. Regarding the boots. All of us have obsessions. It’s okay. I can tell you how to fix this. Build a new room for the boots. Put them all in there in order of type. In the meantime, your stud muffin of a husband should open up a new Post Office box, and a email address, both addressed as “Jessie’s Favorite Boot Company at gmail.com.” or Post Office box etc. Every time you get the urge to buy a new pair of boots, write a check to that company and send it to the mailbox. Or send an email to the web address. Your husband will get the check or the email.. He will go into the room and while you are in a cookie induced coma, take out a pair similar to what you ordered. He will put them in a box, tape it shut, and bring it home. Because you have so many, and you’ve not seen the pair you were seduced by for a few minutes, you will think you got the boots you ordered. After all, you’ve already fallen in love with them, just not seen them in a while.
    Problem solved. You get ‘new’ boots, you save money, you don’t have to make the room any bigger, you are happy. And so is your man.

    You’re welcome, and what brand of cookies do you favor?

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