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Ahhh, country living.
The peace and quiet.

The gravel roads and sweet song birds.

The barbed-wire fences and big blue skies.

The green grass and horse poop in the yard…

The lack of a liquor store within an acceptable distance when you desperately need to find out who starred in that 1998 movie with Nicholas Cage, go to your computer in anticipation of the answer only to find that “Google” cannot be displayed….and probably won’t be for a good two to three weeks…because…well…you live in the middle of nowhere

That sinking feeling when you come to realize that you are not smart, you don’t have a good memory, you don’t know how many ounces there are in a gallon, how to actually make a hamburger casserole, what “decoupage” means, or the remedy you should use to treat that weird growth on the old horse’s ass…

you just know how to use the internet.

And now you don’t have it.

And you are in the middle of nowhere.

And you can’t Google anything.

So you go to town.

Get five bottles of wine.

Find a computer in civilization and Google “how to survive in the middle of nowhere without access to Google.”

And then laugh, because you just “Googled” “Google.”

But just a little, because, well, there are some things “Google” can’t help you with…

Especially when you don’t have internet.

Ahhh, country living…

15 thoughts on “This page cannot be displayed

  1. I hear ya on our dependency on the Internet…Saturday I had no net..was put on a 24/48 hour on call…Monday left the house to sit in my car at a free wifi site-I’m a junkie!-then get the service call and now all is well!! Rich

  2. I was wondering if you had blocked me? :-0 Weve had horrible storms but I keep looking for words of reason from a prairie girl. Thank God you are still alive. Is that double horse shoe G gonna have a baby is is she/he a widow maker? So glad you are back woman!!! I love the looks on your face you are too funny. Welcome Home again.

  3. Awesome…I live way closer to civilzation than I would like (15 minute walk to the village where, yes, there is a pub with off sales)…but still, my husband’s cell phone won’t work everywhere on our property – works fine on the back porch, not in the kitche, great out by the chicken shed, terrible by the veg garden…that’s country life for you!

  4. … then some in the city yearn for a place w/o cell or computer access. it’s an illusion (or delusion). so far, seem only able to live w/o both for a few days, at the ocean.

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