Riding Horses

There’s something about the view between a horse’s ears that makes a woman forget that she can’t stay up there forever.

It’s the same way she feels watching a man catch a horse. It’s the quiet and gentle approach, the soft way he whispers and coaxes…

And she remembers the good ones.

And it’s how he wears his hat, how his shirt’s tucked in and the way he sits so sure up there next to her riding along.

The way the breeze moves through that horse’s mane before brushing her cheek.

The way the sinking sunlight hits him just right.

How the grass sparkles under that sky.

And all of those things that make her happy to be alive out here…

riding horses.

7 thoughts on “Riding Horses

  1. Am I the only one that thinks the markings on the horse in the last photo looks like a cowgirl riding full bore to happiness?

  2. You made my heart yearn to be riding. I cried when I had to sell my horse and currently it is impossible for me to have another (time, money and space restrictions). But I am determined to get back on a horse someday soon….

  3. just can’t stop gazing at this peaceful scenery , horses all around, real great, thanks for sharing these pics.

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