A picture comes to life…

Well, we moved some furniture into the new house this weekend and it is looking like my birthday month will be the month we move into our new home, whether or not the staircase and/or master bedroom, trim work or basement is complete.

I’ve lived in construction zone before, and I’m prepared to do it again. Just imagining us sipping coffee on our deck (which does not exist yet either) and watching the sun come up over the hills we’re nestled in together reminds me that life is a work in progress that is worth the wait.

Sometimes I get a little anxious about it all. I catch myself thinking that other people have it figured out..that other people have houses complete with carpet and painted walls and tiles, a beautiful, finished staircase and money left over to go on a Mediterranean Cruise.

The reality is, some people do. Some people have the vision and the cash to make what they want appear before them without a smudge of tile mortar crusted to their unshaven legs.

We are not those people. We are the people with the vision and the muscle to watch it come to fruition before us slowly, with a little sweat, a lot of muscle and a few tears mixed in.

But despite the hard work, saw dust on my clothes and paint in my hair, I have to say, at this moment where we’re able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I wouldn’t trade the experience of doing it ourselves for all of the contractors in California.

Because there is something about working alongside your family as they hammer and nail and paint and move heavy things in an effort to see your dream realized. There’s something about hearing thier encouraging comments and seeing their excitement as things come together that makes me grateful to get my hands dirty with them.

And it means everything to be able to stand next to a husband who so desperately wants to make our dreams come true that he works long days and comes home to climb ladders, string wires and nail flooring only to put his hands on his hips and look at me all frazzled, sweaty and cranky and say “dream house, dream girl.”

It means everything to believe him.

It means the most to feel the same way.

So this week my mind’s in a thousand different places–in my music, in my writing, in my work, in the clothes and paperwork I can’t find and the budget we need to stretch to get this done. But I’m going to work hard to stay in the moment and notice the smile on my husband’s face as he checks off his list and gets us one step closer to having coffee together in our new home.

Our view from the kitchen…

Because I want to remember this, as hard as it’s been. I want to remember that when I was sixteen I drew him a picture.

And when I turned twenty-nine he made that picture come to life.

We’ll get the goat and the pigs next year…

16 thoughts on “A picture comes to life…

  1. Aahh! The table…it’s perfect! And right back where it belongs. Love it. Looks like things are coming along swimmingly, so happy to hear that move-in day will be very soon!!

  2. Oh..and just think, when it is finished, it will be YOURS…not some cooky cutter place made by some company. I love the view, and the dining room furniture and the wood. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Wow, how inspiring!! This give me hope as I have a dream of building my own home from the ground up one day too. Keep going and never give up, because after all the sweat and tears, I bet it’s so worth it.

    Good luck and hope to hear from you soon. I hope to tell you info about my dream home too.

    Take care, Cindy

  4. Awesome!Your home is more valuable than any multi -million $$ mansion because you all have location, location, location! !

  5. Your house looks wonderful! ; )
    I’ve been enjoying reading your finger-hammering and laughing saga getting your house ready while I am moving out of a house tomorrow I’ve been in for 15 years. I so know the joy of plastering back the hair in a pony tail for way too many days…. And taking on projects like moving 15 year old Japanese maples and rhodies to a new place…
    You are so right. Doing it yourself makes all the difference.

  6. Jessie congrats on the house and everything else going on in your life. I read the write up in the forum last weekend…very nicely done.
    I share many of your feelings as my husband and I have built three houses and a barn. Im alot older than 29 though.
    Enjoy it all… you will find that the times of your marriage will fly by…….Take Care…. Your friend a much older prairie girl.

  7. If you can imagine it, then it’s possible. love the visual. I always imagine myself obtaining my goals, it’s my daydreaming getaway. I’m there!!

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