How seasons change.

We’re right in the middle of a season change, and while it’s technically not winter yet, it kind of feels like it out there. I spend so much of my time documenting my world, watching the leaves fall from the trees and bend under the weight of ice and snow only to come out of hibernation a few months later in all of their green glory.

In North Dakota the four seasons cannot be mistaken. They don’t blend in to one another, they have their own distinct looks, smell and feel, changing everything under the skyT.

And because I am out there in it all year round, taking photographs so as not to miss a thing, today I’d like to share with you how drastically a spinning earth can change our world in this northern state.

Outside my door…

On the branches…

In the grass…

And the thorns…

In the sky…

Outside the barn…

And me.

Happy almost winter everyone. And don’t worry, spring always keeps her promise.

5 thoughts on “How seasons change.

  1. POSITIVELY beautiful………Wanted to share it with my California grandson, but couldnt make it thr the system…………How fortunate that your interest helps you to pay attention to all the scenes and life around you…….and that you share it……….Thank you….so

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