Some things I know for sure.

Sometimes life is just so unexpected, like the thirteenth rock flying into my windshield on my way home from town.

Those uncertainties make me nervous–I come up with worst case scenarios. Like now, for example. I got home from work this evening to say hello to Husband who also just got home from work only to turn around and walk out the door to go back to work again. I don’t think it was an emergency, but it was something important that sent him out there in the dark on the same scary road that throws rocks at windshields unexpectedly.

I worry.

internet issues

So now I’m sitting here with the cat on my lap and the pug at my feet breaking all of the rules about pets on the furniture while I come up with a list of things I know for certain to help deal with that nagging little feeling of terror that at a moment it can all fall apart.

And that other worry about the aliens.

So here it is, my list of ten or eleven or twelve or however many things that I know for sure on a perfectly calm Thursday night in February.

  1. I will always worryHorse
  2. The pug, when left unattended and to his own devices, will always shit on the floor. Sometimes he will puke, but always he will shit.
  3. I could eat guacamole with every meal. I should have guacamole with every meal. Avocados are a vegetable.  It can’t possibly be a bad choice.(No photo available because I ate all the guacamole)
  4. A climb to a good hilltop cures me. Every time, it cures me.
  5. Spring will come. Spring always comes.
  6. I love him. I love him. I love him.
  7. It’s not the singing, it’s not the words, the guitar, the harmonies or the harmonica. It’s everything. Music. It’s just everything.

  8. One day I will have pigs, I don’t care what you say.(no photo available because I don’t have a pig. Yet.) 
  9. If you call me I will have to call you back, because I never put the phone back on the hook, therefore I can never find the phone when you call. It’s a sick cycle that I am unable to break.(no photo available because I can’t find the damn phone. Again.)
  10. This cat is crazy.
  11.  This puppy is cute.
  12. So is this kid.
  13. I am grateful every day to call this home.
  14. It will probably, most definitely, very likely, I mean, I’m pretty sure, almost positive  everything’s gonna turn out alright in the end.

Now you know what I know, what do you know for sure? Let it fly party people, I promise it will make you feel better.

11 thoughts on “Some things I know for sure.

  1. Jessie…I always find my problems…fears….insecurities much bigger in the dark hours of night. When the sun does my spirit…:-) Rich

  2. You know some really good stuff — for sure. Let us know when you get that pig. Are we talking house pig ? or outside pig ?

    Winter allows us too much time to think. Can’t wait for spring when I’ll be out in my garden and you’ll be riding your horse across the open fields.

    I just may have to do my own “Some things I know for sure” post in response. Will let you know when I do …

  3. Are the pigs going to be allowed to break any pet rules? What will the pug and the cat think or that? I make guacamole every day here, and am experimenting with growing plants from the pits. I love avacados falling off in my hands. Great shots of your home and family.

  4. I know my husband will always love me. I know I will always love him and our 2 wee ones. I know a visit back to ND always does me a great deal of good – although it is a financial blow to fly to that State! I know if I shared what’s in my head more often with those around me, I probably wouldn’t make myself so crazy by dwelling on it alone in my head. I know I always enjoy your posts Jessie and I enjoy one of your photos framed on our wall (a lovely snow scene). Have a good day everyone!

  5. ‘4. A climb to a good hilltop cures me. Every time, it cures me.’

    And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. – MATTHEW 14:23

    A high place offers solitude and perspective, and a chance to really hear your own thoughts. Not too many mountains in New Orleans, but I feel the same way.

  6. I’ve been wanting a pig, too, and in my head the pig and my dogs and cats are BFFs. Lovely post, & I understand what you’re saying… I think I worry when things, despite the hard times, are too good to be true. A man I love deeply who thinks he loves me more? Gulp… that’s worth worrying about, I guess.

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