Sunday column: On living with the time we’re given.

Every Sunday I write a column for the Fargo Forum, an eastern North Dakota newspaper out of the largest city in our state, Fargo. The column focuses on life out here in Western North Dakota and what it means to be making a life back home in the buttes and oil fields.

Those of you who follow Meanwhile, back at the ranch on Facebook and @Veederranch on Twitter have probably caught these columns as I post the online versions there each Sunday.

But I’ve been thinking it might be worth while to share the columns here with you each Sunday as they are published to give you another perspective of life out here and something to browse while you’re enjoying your morning pancakes and coffee.

And if you haven’t yet, I recommend checking out Meanwhile, back at the ranch in the big, wide, world of social media to get more photos, more observations, more chaos and more pictures of the one-eyed-pug you all love so much despite my best efforts to de-fame him.

Click the link below to read this week’s column on how to live within the time we’re given. 

Coming Home: Time marches on no matter what you wish

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, my favorite day of the week!

Love you all and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Sunday column: On living with the time we’re given.

  1. Thanks so much for connecting your forum column to your blog. It was a particularly meaningful piece to me. Some days it feels like I’ve entered a time warp where hours are minutes and weeks are like days. I thought the feeling would slow down when I began working independently. But not so, instead I just had the huge realizations that you depict so well in the column. That you for sharing and here’s to hopes of cherishing a few extra minutes here and there.

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