Sunday Column: More misadventures.

My goodness it’s absolutely gorgeous out here these days. The rain has turned to sun and everything’s green and fresh, I want to soak it all in so badly that not even the “little hangover” I caught from the Miranda Lambert concert last night was going to deter me from showing up a “little late” to get in on the action of at our neighbor’s branding.

Now I’m smelly and sweaty and sunburned and just kinda, still a little hungover.

Ah well, as you’ll read in this week’s column, I always seem to find a way to make life a little more difficult.

But mostly, really truly, seriously, pretty much I most definitely, almost always have fun. And I don’t care what you say, you can never have too much of that.

Too much to drink? Well, that’s another issue…

Coming Home: Mishaps provide plenty of stories
By Jessie Veeder
June 9, 2013
Fargo Forum

Hope your weekend was free of mishaps.

Or full of them, you know, depending on your definition of the word.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Column: More misadventures.

  1. Oh! The “bump on the head from sneezing and hitting your head on the table” got me! Love it. I once sat on my own toe with a folding chair and rather than rock back on the chair legs (what caused the incident in the first place) I just ripped it out from under my weight. So I can understand sneezing into a table! You make me smile, Jessie! Keep up the good work!

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