Happy Day Earth! Thanks for being our home.

IMG_6720Earth, we love you. We love how you bring flowers after the snow. How you promise them to us, even when you’re still brown and thawing. How you don’t let us down.

IMG_6553Earth, we love you. We love how you keep us, how you hold us, how you call us to lay down in the grass under the warm sun.

Cowgirl Wildflower

And how that warm sun changes you so you look different every day.


We love your tall trees and your tall grass.

Grass and Sky

We love your mud and dirt for growing things.

Rain on the ButtesYou’re stark and flat and predictable.


You’re rocky and uneven and scary and beautiful.

Horses in BadlandsWe love your horizons and the way the moon emerges from the edge of it all.

moon above the landscape

And then the sun comes.

Ranch SunriseOh, we love your sun.

IMG_6727 Wild SunflowersSunset

Sunset RideAnd your wind.

IMG_6517 WindWindWindAnd your rain.

Rain on horsesRain on ConeflowersRain on berriesBarnyard RainAnd your snow.

Purple flowers in snow Bird in snow

snow stormFrom all who take from you, live on you and love you and thrive…

Horses on Hill


one last clover Lake Binnoculars Laying in the grass Big Lake Lab

IMG_6745Happy Day Earth. Thanks for being our home.


14 thoughts on “Happy Day Earth! Thanks for being our home.

  1. WOW – I can really understand why you came “back home” to live. Your family land is so gorgeous. You do such a good job of capturing the beauty. Thanks for your posts Jessie. I enjoy them so much.

  2. excellent 🙂 Thank you! All of your photos are so well chosen and so great! My favorite was the one after “Oh, we love your sun.” – those cats they really know what’s best for them and I think they love sun more than they love us 😉 greetings from Limburg, Signe

  3. As a 2nd generation Californian I never thought anything could.make me want to move somewhere else but you, Jesse, have accomplished that with your beautiful words and photos.. You are a force to be reckoned with.

  4. Your words and photos are beautiful. I love the photo of the horse lying down. I used to have a horse who liked lying flat out on the ground on sunny days. I once had somebody knock on the door to ask if she was all right. They thought she was dead! Nope, just basking in the sun….

  5. Thanks for the beautiful photos and your thoughts. Love how I can taste the rain and wind and seasons in your work. You always make my day.

  6. Jessie, this post was so beautiful. I enjoyed reading through it and seeing all your beautiful pictures. Thank you.:)

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