The way it should be

This week the cows came home, and so did 70+ degree weather.

When there are cows around in 70+ degree weather it’s next to impossible for people like us to stay inside, or do anything other than find the horses and ride around.

Of course there are things to be done, fences to be fixed, etc. etc. and that’s why we ride. Because on the back of a horse at least you can look like you’re working.

And when the cows are home and it’s 70+ degrees things that might have annoyed you, like opening one gate to let the horses in only to watch them run wide open out the open gate on the other side of the corral, make you cuss for only like five to ten minutes while you rush to wrangle the animals off the green grass on the other side of the fence and back to the barn.

Even the bird that shit on your head and the wood tick(s) stuck behind your ear are taken as a small price to pay for the arrival of summer

Because the wild berries are blossoming and it smells like heaven. 

This is my ride.

The man beside me is telling me things that make me laugh and he’s handsome and he’s getting all the gates and I get to go home with him tonight.  

The calves are adorable.

And the cows are home and it’s 70+ degrees and weekend’s here and life is the way it should be back at the ranch.

5 thoughts on “The way it should be

  1. beautiful photography and sentiment. I love reading what cultivates and waters contentment in my life. Thank you for this lovely read – it’s just the right punctuation at the end of my week. 🙂

    Emily Grace

  2. Where do the cows go, for them to come back for the summer? Do ya’ll buy cow-calf pairs in the spring and sell bred cows and feeder calves in the fall? That would certainly simplify your winters.

  3. Jess Ive done a lot of stuff “Till the cows come home” if you know what I mean 🙂 but this winter none of it was the fun stuff I used to do “Till the cows come home”. Time for a little fun stuff Id say!! Like trail riding on a beer drinking horse.:-)!!

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