Sunday Column: Balancing act.

I hope you all had a patriotic and festive Independence Day Weekend. Husband and I extended ours into this Tuesday and I’m writing from the porch of my grandparent’s lake cabin in Minnesota while dearly beloved packs up our things and we get ready to head back west.

Back at the ranch Little Sister’s fiance has been keeping things in line, watered and fed while we were here pretending to be lake people and forgetting we have any responsibilities besides eating donuts for breakfast and applying sunscreen while we move from the shade to the sun and back again.

Besides the ranch, life at my grandparent’s lake cabin is my favorite kind of living.

Because sometimes, as you know, the living out there isn’t so easy for me…

Coming Home: Life on the ranch isn’t always precisely balanced
by Jessie Veeder
Forum Communications

See you at home!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Column: Balancing act.

  1. Jess, just cleaned up the poop that I left in the stalls after a record breaking Spring in an instant/Summer. Light as a feather it is when ignored:-)
    The farrier is coming tomorrow. So a chance for the girls to come in and get their owner inflicted vaccinations, pedicure and a little oats.
    Funny how long the days get when one wants to linger in the sun….until the last sliver of light around 10:00. So glad you get to enjoy Minnesota and Grandparents. Its a lovely thing!! Do enjoy our long days they are precious this year!! Take Care and keep writing:-)

  2. How amazing that sounds: ‘I’m writing from the porch of my grandparent’s lake cabin’! Just a teensy bit jealous!!

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