Happy Birthday! Love, Your Biggest Fan…

Today this guy here celebrates another year of living.

I just spent part of my morning writing about him, my husband, the man I’ve celebrated sixteen or so birthdays with in our lives together.

Christmas Card Photo 4

I included photos and everything. I said something about the awesome birthday gift I got him that he picked out and purchased.

Kinda like the boots I told him he bought me a month before my birthday.

It was a good post. Real heartwarming.

Funny even.

Then my internet crashed and all that I wrote is lost in the abyss…

And I yelled, COME ON!

But it doesn’t matter now. What I really wanted to say is today we are celebrating the birth of a good man.

A patient man. Master of the grill. Master of the kitchen.

Folder of my underwear.  Fixer of broken things.

Troubleshooter of our lives together.



Terrible singer.

Yeller at stupid TV shows.

Wearer of a great collection of snapshirts.

Watcher of westerns.

A good shot.

Lifter of heavy things. My roadie.

Handyman, fisherman,


Huntingthe most handsome man in my camera lens.

I said all those things, eloquently. Was just about to send them out into the world…

And then…


But it doesn’t matter.

He knows who he is.

And what day it is…

Happy Birthday Husband,


Your biggest fan.

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Love, Your Biggest Fan…

  1. Wow!…big disappointment! Saw the birthday greeting and thought it was for me, but then I wondered what reason a pretty young woman might have for wishing an old goat a happy birthday…even though he’s a former NoDak old goat, Then I realized your husband and I share the day, though mine happened more than forty years earlier. Birthday wishes to your guy, and thanks for allowing everyone to share your thoughts, trials and tribulations through your blog.

  2. I’m not sure what the “lost/crashed” post said, but find it hard to believe it said it any better than this one. So glad you found each other. That is special and rare.

  3. Happy Birthday to the love of your life, mine celebrates his birthday tomorrow…they surely do share alot of the same qualities.

  4. I firmly believe things happen for a reason. Not that your original post was inferior to this one per se, but maybe trying to recap it sans eloquence added something to the power of your message! Well, at least for us readers…very sweet post, happy birthday to your guy!

  5. Jess, Nice post. Love to hear the acknowledgment of simple things that are in the end so attractive. My man will also celebrate his 62nd this next week and we like you and”husband” have similar history.
    Presents ahead of birthdays, big laughs, hunting, butchering, house building, fishing, horses, foaling, dogs, cats and beautiful country. A man who finally met me 34 years ago after weeks of watching me work as a waitress in a super club. It was so romantic to me that I just had to continue to see how far he would go to be with me rather than watch me. We’ve both gone a long way to be together for all those oh so simple things.
    Carry on and enjoy your handsome/good man. And know that they remain as handsome and chiseled even after 34 years. 🙂
    I will be seeing you live on Sat. evening at the Kat Perkins show in Bis. I am visiting big and little sister for a week.
    Take care and keep on writing. Cant wait to see the show!!!

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