The wait (to love you forever…)

IMG_6564 copy

I’m a big ‘ol ticking time bomb. Any day this baby could make his or her arrival and the wait will be over.

We’re in the in-between phase. The hurry up and wait. The preparing to prepare.

I never thought I’d look like this.

Jessie Maternity 2

I never thought I’d feel the kicks or the hiccups inside my belly or the panic that I HAVE to get the microwave clean or I might spontaneously combust.

Never thought the arches of my feet would ache like this.

Never thought I would understand the way a body wakes you up every two hours in preparation of what’s to come.

Never thought I get this big.

Belly 2

I just watched a cow in the pasture trying to get up from a rest, with a ‘one, two, three…heave, ho…’ sort of technique and I could relate to her.

I watched another one attempt to lay down, and I nodded my head in solidarity.

It’s weird. And most of the time it’s not so pretty. Just last week I had a mental breakdown about moving the board games from one closet to another.


And my poor husband can’t find a thing in the kitchen because, according to him, some crazy pregnant lady keeps rearranging things.

I don’t believe him. I have no recollection of such acts. I tell him maybe it’s him who’s going crazy.

He doubts that theory very much.  

I don’t know who’s rearranging the kitchen, but I do know I have the strongest urge to vacuum right now. And last week I felt just as urgent about capturing a few photos of what the two of us look like in this phase of ‘pre-parenthood.’

So I forced my little sister to take some, right after I finished the donut she brought me from town. The poor thing didn’t know what was coming, but she did a great job (and she’s not even the sister of mine who’s an actual photographer).

Anyway, in a couple weeks (or tomorrow or the next day) we will be three.

But here we are, still just the two of us (sort of) and counting down the days.

I don’t think my husband has ever taken a better photo, he’s just sort of radiating, a smile as big as his wife’s belly.

Chad and Jessie Maternity 7 Chad and Jessie Maternity 8

Jessie Maternity 1IMG_6566 copy IMG_6588 copy IMG_6645 copy IMG_6596 copy IMG_6603 copy Chad and Jessie Maternity 5 B&W Chad and Jessie Maternity 6 copy Chad and Jessie Maternity 1 Chad and Jessie Maternity

For a long time there were only your footprints & laughter in our dreams & even from such small things, we knew we could not wait to love you forever.
-Brian Andreas-Storypeople

12 thoughts on “The wait (to love you forever…)

  1. Best wishes to you both! Many years ago I looked just like you and I delivered a little precious boy on Nov. 29th, your due date! My family loving talked to my belly on Thanksgiving Day that year and told him he could be born now, his momma is ready! If you make it to Thanksgiving day , have your family do the same!!! That baby has grown to a young man and has the canvas photo of the Badlands I bought from you as a keepsake of the place he loves to go visit, whether it be to golf or hunt! May you be blessed with a healthy baby. No doubt he/she will bring lots of joy to your lives!

  2. I am sitting here listening to your CD, reading your blog, and I couldn’t be happier for you two (three). Best of luck and many blessings to you.

  3. love reading your blog!! and, oh my gosh, with two parents who are as beautiful and handsome as you two are….that baby is going to be gorgeous!!

  4. I love reading your stories and seeing your pictures. Your are a beautiful mother-to-be! I have never met you but I know this baby is lucky to have you two as his/her parents just as he/she is lucky to have the grandparents he/she will have!
    (I grew up in Strasburg and your mother-in-law is a very dear friend of mine.)

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