September…with frosting?

So, it was cold today. And I should have known after putting on my third long sleeved shirt (you know, over the other two) that something was up.

I don’t mind the chill that comes with the fall season here and find it a little thrilling that in this part of the country it can go from 85 degrees to 45 in 24 hours. It keeps us on our toes.

So I was looking forward to taking in the fall colors, enjoying the brisk (although brief) sweater season that comes before puffy coat, mitten and face mask season. But nature had a little surprise this afternoon–a little frosting before the leaves have even fully changed.

Outside my kitchen window...brrr...

Now for those of you who don’t live in North Dakota, just a disclaimer: this is not typical. But it is not unexpected.

So we Β took the air conditioning out of the window and I went outside to take some pictures of the things that, like me, may not quite be ready for the fluffy white stuff.

And now I’m making a casserole (you know, the kind with all of the “cream ofs” added in) in celebration of the first snow flurry and the fact that it has already melted.

The pug’s holding on to hope for 80 degrees tomorrow…

May all his dreams come true.

Happy fall!

16 thoughts on “September…with frosting?

  1. Uff’da, I heard it was really chilly your way and the four letter word that starts w/ S. A little warmer my way(mid 50’s) but rainy and gloomy. Of course as for myself, haven’t been doing too much because I caught I stomache bug. Stay warm and well. You can have the fluffy white stuff my friend. Nicole

  2. Jessie! Nice blog, beautiful pictures. I didn’t know you had a beautiful pug. We have one too, but ours is starting to get gray already. I miss our annual visits before the picnic in Bismarck.
    Take care.
    Rita Nodland

  3. Oh yech. Although I always love the first snowfall, I don’t love it when it comes before Thanksgiving. Nor do I love any snow that comes after the end of March. But I’ve learned that Mother Nature doesn’t give a hoot what I like – she’ll do what she’ll do.

      • Haha – by mid-January all I want is the cold. It gets so hot here that you can’t do anything anymore … it even gets too hot for the beach πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ … I reckon it’s a funny irony πŸ˜€

  4. I love snow and the frosts that come ahead of winter. I even like a white Thanksgiving. I just want it to wait until after Halloween. Snow before the first day of Autumn just seems like the great Weatherman in the Sky is rushing though the seasons.

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