Summer, I miss you already…

In honor of the last day of summer (sniff, sniff…waahhhhh), I decided to share some of the photos that speak to the sunny side of life at the ranch and are sure to warm you like the wool mittens and ear-flap cap that will soon become a fashionable staple of my wardrobe.

I am sure I will be revisiting these pictures many times in the coming months, because come December, I tend to forget…

…what colors really look like…

Storm cloud and rainbow

…the smoky taste of brats and beans on a tiny grill…

Campsite Grilling

…the warm wind in my face (or the fact that one day, I will be able to drive with the windows down again)…

Pug on a summer ride

…the sweet smell of wildflowers…

Wildflower bouquet

Wild Sunflowers

Purple Wildflower

…the thrill of the first splash in big Lake Sakakawea…

Sailboat on Lake Sakakawea

Pug's version of swimming

…well, maybe “thrilling” isn’t the word of choice for all of us…

Pug, not so happy about swimming

…the drama of the horizon…

Moon rise over pasture

Summer Sunset

Horse on hill

…and the true meaning of “dog days”…

Pug and Lab in the lawn

Dogs on the boat

Enjoy the last day of the season everyone. I think I’ll celebrate by wearing my swimming suit and short shorts under my long pants, flannel and fluffy socks. Then I’ll eat some cookies. Lots and lots of cookies….

Goodbye summer…I miss your face already.

Goodbye Summer

Sniff, sniff…

Blue skies

7 thoughts on “Summer, I miss you already…

  1. I’m hoping for a very long fall. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons, and we rarely have a spring that lasts for more than a day, and doesn’t come until June, so I’ve got all my fingers, toes and eyes crossed hoping for a long fall.

  2. Autumn is my favorite season and I’m so glad it is here. I can officially say it today since today makes it offical. Although it pretty much started over the past weekend. I love the lack of humidity. The cooler air, the increased wind, the rain/wind storm that are energizing but less likely to produce tornado’s than the spring storms, the darker skies. Autumn is the best. Spring is second best. Only because by February I want the sun back and I’m sick of wearing coats.

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