Sexy, sexy sky

Let’s talk about the sky. Really. Let’s take a look at the one thing we all have in common and embrace it and love it with all that it deserves. Because frankly, I think it’s getting tired of being overlooked, acting out like it has been the last couple days.

So alright, alright I see you. And I apologize for ignoring your these last few months, eyes on the trees as they change clothes, eyes on the dirt, eyes on the road, eyes on this guy…

eyes on my work, eyes on the future and eyes on the back of my lids when I’m trying to sleep.

But really, I have been amazed at the show it has put on for us the last couple days. I mean Crayola doesn’t even make colors this spectacular, not even in the jumbo pack.  Yes, in some sort of grand finale to this harvest season the sky chose to feature a light show to spruce up the mundane landscape that has shed its leaves and has been feeling rather chilly lately, thank you very much.

How generous of the sky to strike a match to start a fire of fires–nice and toasty, no need for a sweater thanks, a light jacket will do. The sky has warmed us all up.

And made us look damn good.

Because, as my dear momma tells me, it’s all about the lighting.

And she’s right.

She’s usually right about most everything, especially when it comes to looking your best.

And it turns out, this landscape looks damn good naked as the sky casts a golden light upon its flesh and then softens it up with a bath of pink before pulling the silk sheets up over us and turning off the lights for the evening.

Sexy, sexy sky.

So strike a pose people (and pug), take off that wool scarf, let it all hang out and look up for crying out loud. The sky’s got your back, and you’re gorgeous, absolutely stunning.

And so is this guy, don’t you think?

October 14, 2010. My man

Have mercy.

Sometimes I think life is one damn masterpiece after another.

See ya out there!

9 thoughts on “Sexy, sexy sky

  1. Awesome Jessie as usual. If I didn’t know you from your writings and adventures here, I’d swear you were writing part of a Romance Novel..yes, I’m a sucker for them..especially when they have good looking cowboys, ect. Mahalo for the nice pics. Nicole 🙂

  2. I hate to say it, but, on impulse I went out and bought a Canon Rebel, too. I had a tiny digital camera but, the pixel count was low and when I’m selling my art work or graphing my photos for stitching, it just wasn’t cutting it. That’ll teach my husband to go gallivanting off with his friends for four days.

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