Together in another day…

Thank you.

I raise my head and say these words to the sky, to the stars above hidden by the clouds and the snow falling down.

To the man beside me, deep in a dream, chest rising and falling with the rhythm of this night.

To the wild earth beneath my feet, frozen and hard and strong and sleeping too.

To the music that brings a song to my voice and the passion to sing it out loud.

To the coyotes that howl and take in the air and remind me what lonesome really is…

…to a family who shows me, every day,  what lonesome is not.

To a world that holds darkness to help us know the beauty of the light…

…and the fragile purpose of a life well lived…

Thankful—I’m alive.

Thank you—you’re alive.

Give thanks—we’re alive…

…and together in another day.

13 thoughts on “Together in another day…

  1. I love birds and yesterday, I returned from shopping when I heard a flock of Sandhill Cranes overhead. I looked up and there were 2 different flocks, swirling around, whistling, lingering, as if their song was for me. They didn’t fly away until I went in the house. I’m having some health issues and this seemed to be their way of giving me comfort. K

  2. Beautiful pics of the snow on trees and hills. We have twice that amount of snow it makes things for tricky traveling. Hopefully we can get to our destination tomarrow but if not be thankful anyway. Thankful for the things I have and not for the things I do not. Take care and have a great day. May you have a blessed day. Nicole 🙂

    • I love that photo too. That’s a barn my dad built when he moved back to the farm when he was around my age. I painted it one summer when I was about 12. I was so proud of myself. Isn’t it quaint and lovely sitting there in the snow.
      I hope you are finding a nice way to celebrate Thanksgiving in your beautiful home.

  3. These are stunning photos, and I love the words that you’ve chosen to go with them. You’ve captured that magical winter light. Thank you for sharing your creative talents with us and best wishes for your holiday!

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