Yawn…happy Monday…zzzz


Happy Monday.

Please indulge me while I utilize my dramatic cast of characters to express myself today…

After a weekend of long island iced teas, hugs, long lost friends (and their small duplicates called children), swinging a golf club at a tiny white ball and only making contact on about half my attempts, a campfire, a few beers, a pot luck and belly laughs I am considering asking these two if I can join their pile…

I hope they don’t mind if I drool.

Because if I could close my eyes right now there most definitely will be drool.

In the meantime I will not be operating heavy machinery, making major life decisions, running for president or putting on an epic dance recital complete with Lady Gaga costume changes.

Maybe tomorrow.

Today I will be using my time awake to write myself a quick reminder that unless there is an emergency or I need to get up to pee, it would be wise to never again be conscience on the other side of 2 am.

And I will get some work done.

Just give me five more minutes…

6 thoughts on “Yawn…happy Monday…zzzz

  1. Aww so cute. Currently in Asheville NC visiting my beautiful sis and her “fat” cat Baby. She lives in a small cute house but ’tis just her and the cat. Wed. early morn be hopping on a plane back to ND. Messed up on my days but that is vacation for ya. Hugs. Nicole

  2. I always feel bad when I see the pug with both eyes, then one. But, you have animals that match you guys, fun.

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