To know…

that I would come into this world a child of this earth
that I owe the moon and the night fireflies
my quiet mouth
and listening ear

and the rain my skin to lay kisses upon

that I would inhale the air
draw it deep
fill my lungs
and release with my breath
a compassion

and grow a heart light with plans
bursting to know
that we are a piece of this clay

the plush on the petal of the wild sunflower

the minutes that tick with each passing hour

the sun on the way to the dark

and the light that results from its spark

8 thoughts on “To know…

  1. Beautiful pics..esp. the wildflowers and prairie roses. Just got back w/ my oldest son and parents from Asheville, NC. We were gone 10 days but spent about 5 days in Va. w/ my brother and family. Hot. Asheville is a beautiful city w/ all kinds of walks of life. Even saw fireflies and haven’t seem them since the last time in Medora. . Nicole

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