Music Friday: Jiggity Jig

(Photo by Tim Frenz)

Summer weekends means packing up my guitar and playing some music on a stage somewhere. This Friday is no different. In a minute or two I’ll gather my set lists, run through a few songs, pick out what the hell I’m gonna wear and hit the road.

Tonight I’m playing with the new band, Outlaw Sippin’, at a Grill Fest celebrating area farmers and ranchers by North Dakota’s capitol city.

Tomorrow I’ll take the stage with a different band to play music in honor of North Dakota’s 125th Birthday.

I just got a call from the studio where I plan to record another album this fall.

It will be nice to sit and focus on the music. I have some new stuff I can’t wait to get down and start playing live.

So to kick off the weekend, I’d like to give you a sneak peek of one of my new songs, performed for the first time on the Red Ants Pants Music Festival Stage last month with the boys.

Enjoy and share and “Come home again, Jiggity Jig.”

Peace, Love and Singing for my Supper,



Yawn…happy Monday…zzzz


Happy Monday.

Please indulge me while I utilize my dramatic cast of characters to express myself today…

After a weekend of long island iced teas, hugs, long lost friends (and their small duplicates called children), swinging a golf club at a tiny white ball and only making contact on about half my attempts, a campfire, a few beers, a pot luck and belly laughs I am considering asking these two if I can join their pile…

I hope they don’t mind if I drool.

Because if I could close my eyes right now there most definitely will be drool.

In the meantime I will not be operating heavy machinery, making major life decisions, running for president or putting on an epic dance recital complete with Lady Gaga costume changes.

Maybe tomorrow.

Today I will be using my time awake to write myself a quick reminder that unless there is an emergency or I need to get up to pee, it would be wise to never again be conscience on the other side of 2 am.

And I will get some work done.

Just give me five more minutes…