What makes you happy…

He’s playing the guitar, though he’s not so good
and you’re dancing in the kitchen when you know you should
be scrubbing up the dishes, putting them away
checking off the list you made for the day.

But you’re hair’s looking good and your jeans fit right
and the sun came up this morning shining big and bright
and you aren’t about to waste another minute sad
life’s too short, so take what you have.

You have sprinkles on your cookies and it’s no holiday
a man who makes you dinner and swears he’ll stay
through broken plans and messes, unexpected things
so who needs fancy dresses and diamond rings?

When you have too many boots and you can’t decide
a big brown dog waiting for you outside
blue sky above and all those trees
flushed rosy cheeks and grass stained knees

So open up the door and let the morning in
smile as warm breezes kiss your skin
run wild like the girl you want to be
what keeps you going, keeps you feeling free?

What makes you wrap your arms around him unexpectedly
slip on your favorite shoes and grab the keys
forget about it girl, take one more bite
and while you’re at it, stay out all night

And shake it pretty momma like you just don’t care
jump in the lake in your underwear
let them see you laughing, see you come undone
yes, life’s too short, girl, have some fun.

What makes you happy? Tell me please, I must know!

11 thoughts on “What makes you happy…

  1. what make me happy,
    it’s when my son is so happy and proud to be successful in school and he smiles for nothing.
    it’s when i am in nature, near the ocean, and that the seagulls fly over my head
    it’s when snow falls and her smoothly’s magic makes me feel like a child
    what make me happy is like you the little things that make of each day a great happiness
    have a good and happy day !
    french smile…

  2. Thanks for reminding me what makes me happy…the little things…things like making my honey laugh, drinking wine with fabulous friends, driving on the gravel road that leads me home, seeing my honey’s favorite laugh when he scrunches up his face and anytime I get to see my family 🙂

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