To be like the bull berries…

I need to buy a dress the color of the bull berries.

I would wear it to remind myself that through rain, shine, sleet, snow, hail or blinding winds…

there is still color in the world.

And beauty that holds on through all of the storms.

I would wear it to remind myself to be sweet despite those things that are sharp and hurtful and unexpected.

I would wear it and remember to be constant and tough–an unshakeable splash of life among the thorns.

I would wear it to be like the bull berries…

in every season.

4 thoughts on “To be like the bull berries…

  1. Takes bit of work..after first collect those little buggers..but result is best pancake syrup known to man. Chokecherry,a close second.JS

  2. I cannot fully express my appreciation of your blog; fell like I’ reading a western version of william worthsworth.mel

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