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It’s a big day in America and I’d like to welcome you to it. As you make your way to the polls and anxiously await the anticipated announcement, I’d like to share an anticipated moment of my own.

My new album, “Nothing’s Forever,” is now available for your purchase and listening pleasure at these outlets

You’ve all been such loyal fans of my stories and photography, so I want to invite you to test out the music. It’s my first and most important passion, and the way I learned to express how I felt about my sense of place, love, life and moving on.

“Nothing’s Forever” is a compilation of 13 original songs, most written since I moved back to the ranch and started sharing what coming home feels like on this website. If you’re an avid follower, you might find familiar stories in this music.

I’m proud of this piece of work and the local musicians who helped me put it together. Listen and you will hear Pops’ voice and harmonica, the lonesome sound of of the steele guitar and dobro, and Adam’s bass backing stories about life in an oil town, the chill of winter, driving down red roads, love, and missing someone.

This is my third studio effort and one that has took a little growing, a little moving, and a soft and familiar place to land in order to create.

Thanks for listening.

I hope you love it.

I hope you share it with your friends.

Peace, love and music from the ranch.

Now, go VOTE!

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