An Easter snowsuit.

Only in North Dakota would a little girl have to bundle up in full snow gear to hunt for Easter eggs.
An Easter egg hunt in a snowbank is not something any of us were too thrilled about.

But we’re hearty northerners and six feet of snow has never stopped us from fulfilling our traditions.

But looking back on my childhood now it occurs to me I should have prayed for snow on Easter…

Because a snowsuit  would have covered up my embarrassing Easter jumpers.

Easter Flashback

And we all know a snowsuit is timeless.

Turns out, so is a swimsuit.

The verdict’s still out on the OshKosh Hat.

Hope your Easter was less snowsuity and more swimsuity.

Peace, Love and Egg Hunts,


3 thoughts on “An Easter snowsuit.

  1. Fun post, Jessie!

    We had some flurries go through on Easter Sunday. We are hoping the old wives tale is true, moisture on Easter Sunday and moisture for the next 7 Sundays.

  2. We had snow here in Ohio for Easter, too! Like you, we are a hardy bunch of people. Today I am getting ready to plant some strawberries because we are having a heat wave of 35 degrees (if you don’t count the wind chill)! Love the pics of the kids. Hopefully it will warm up soon for you guys.

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