Sunday Column: What quiet means.

We’re in the middle of a full-on April blizzard, blowing in strong and fierce across the state, promising feet of snow to settle on the tops of the buttes that were drying out quiet nicely last week.

It’s the kind of weather that’s hard on ranchers and calves being born. The kind of weather that makes North Dakotan’s say, “Well, enough is enough,” and  book flights to Arizona, or Houston, or Jamaica, or someplace where people don’t remember what snow looks like.

But a flight out of here for us is out of the question, and just last weekend those hills accumulating snow were working on drying out quiet nicely. So I climbed to the top, looking for a chance to clear my head.

Looking for some quiet.

And I thought about what that  meant as trucks rolled by on the red scoria road and birds came home.

Visit the link below to read my Fargo Forum column, “Coming Home”

Finding a new quiet in Boomtown
Jessie Veeder, Fargo Forum
Published 4/14/2013
Fargo Forum

The Fargo Forum is a newspaper out of Fargo, ND, in eastern North Dakota’s, the state’s largest city.
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