Sunday Column: Wildflowers

Happy Sunday. It’s a beautiful one here at the ranch. It’s raining, the trees are turning green right before our eyes, the flowers are blooming and I have my nose to the ground, inspecting, documenting and making sure I don’t miss a single bloom.

Wildflower season is my absolute favorite time of year, an obsession that started with a 4-H project and has continued throughout my life.

This week’s column attempts to explains that fascination a bit.

Coming Home: My love of wildflowers started young
By Jessie Veeder Scofield
Fargo Forum
Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lord, when I die, bring me back as a wildflower on the North Dakota Prairie. 

5 thoughts on “Sunday Column: Wildflowers

  1. As I am out on my 4-wheeler I am constantly looking for wild prairie flowers! I love the beautiful colors they add to the prairie. When I am not busy chasing cattle I get off and photograph them.

    I was a 4-H and showing cattle was my passion. I, too, was a Grand Champion ribbon seeker.

  2. I loved the prairie roses and they still have a presence all over my house in the form of porcelain, stitchery and pictures. I used to pluck the petals and eat them, which I found out, is good for you. Excellent article.

  3. i have a similar obsession to you, but i live on the other side of the world, where the flowers and the weather are very different, but just as beautiful

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