If you came for a visit today…

This is what I saw when I looked out my kitchen window this morning…

And if you would have pulled into the yard for a visit, you would have found a crazy haired woman in a white robe with eye crusties kneeling down on the gravel road with a camera slammed against her face.

That’s what you would have witnessed.

Good morning!

Then, if you would have come in for a cup of coffee, you would have found this…

…then we would laugh and take another picture and I would get dressed already and we would go out for a walk and find this…

…and this…

And we would marvel at how quickly the snow is melting today…

Then we would chase these guys off the road and give them a good talking to about paying attention and we would ask them if they were aware of the season for crying out loud?

After that dramatic encounter, we would catch our breath and pull it together and go inside for another cup of coffee. Then you would sit down and in about 4.5 seconds you would look down to find this on your lap…

…you would say “ahhh” and I would take another picture…

Speaking of pictures, have you seen my new nephew? No? Well then…

With that you would say things like “adorable,” “cutest baby ever,” “he looks just like you,” and “I really should be going.”

And on your way home if you were heading for the interstate through the badlands your eyes would widen and your heart would quicken and you would smile wide and real because this is what you would see along the side of the road and right outside the window of your snazzy car…


Yes, that is what would happen if you stopped over for a visit today and were brave enough not to run for the hills when you caught a glimpse of me in my morning outfit.

See ya soon!

14 thoughts on “If you came for a visit today…

    • It is rough livin’ isn’t it? We have barn cats that didn’t fare so well in the recent blizzard. Glad I rescued this one who doesn’t seem to be growing as much up as she is out. Sorry about your kitty. He was a cutie. I am sure he found a nice home out there in the wilderness 🙂

      My nephew is a cutie isn’t he? The first grandchild…don’t think he’ll be spoiled at all 🙂

  1. Lovely pictures. I’m sure you would look good in anything. You have your “pops” curly hair (a Veeder trait). I am wondering if you live in Keene or Dickinson. I logged off Facebook–too many viruses that almost wrecked my hard drive. If you’re along 94, I assume you’re in Dickinson. AND, I was in a knitting store this morning and saw a perfect toy for Sylas–a soft lion. Send me your address and I will send it to you and keep the jokes and photos coming. They make my day.

  2. I enjoyed our visit, thank you so much for the coffee, the walk and the company. I loved your kitty, and your nephew is perfect, of course.

    Your morning outfit, by the way, does not beat my morning outfit!

  3. Ahh Jessie..thanks for the wonder and splendor of all the pics. All precious. My fav is the one w/ the kitty on top of your pug. We had a husky malamute/wolf and my calico looking cat who would snuggle w/ each other. Beautiful horizons beautiful majestic horses. Wishing u a blessed day. 🙂

  4. Aahh! Thank you for the virtual visit. It was such a glorious event in my day. 😀 Those cats are gorgeous … I reckon I’d be stuck inside patting them as long as they let me 😀

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