A promise of summer

It’s been raining at the ranch for the last few days.

Raining, and thundering, and pouring and flooding and rushing the creekbeds.

And smelling so sweet.

So although I’m an outspoken fan of the sun, I know this is necessary. I know this is what spring does.

So I say bring it on. Let the heavens pour down and wash that winter away. Wash it clean and squeaky. We’ve been frozen and thirsty and our hair needs washing…

the worms need air…

the lilacs need watering…

the horses need waking up.

Rain sky. Cry it out. Turn the brown neon and make the flowers hunch over under the weight of your necessary presence.

I don’t mind. Really. I will stand in it all day.

I’ll splash in your puddles, let it soak in my skin, slide down the clay buttes, jump over the rushing streams. Because I forgot what this feels like, being soaked to the core and warm in spite of it.

I forgot what it looks like when the lighting breaks apart the sky. 

I forgot how the thunder shakes the foundation of this little house, how it startles me from sleep and fills my heart with a rush of loneliness, a reminder that the night carries on while I’m sleeping.

I forgot how clean it smells, how green the grass can be, how many colors are in a rainbow.

So go on. Rain.

Rain all you want.

Rain forever on this hard ground and turn this pink road red..

This brown ground green

Let your drops encourage the fragile stuff, the quiet beauty that has been sleeping for so long to wake up and show her face to the sky.

I’ll be there waiting to gasp over it, to gush and smile and stick my nose in the sweet scents and return home to track your mud into my house where the soup is on.
Rain. Rain. Rain. You tap at my windows…
and promise me summer.

16 thoughts on “A promise of summer

  1. Wow, so beautiful! Makes me want creeks and buttes and red roads. Horses too, although I have no clue what to do with them! But I especially love the picture of them grazing on the hill, near the middle of the post.

  2. A little rain is nice and in ND, you don’t know when it will rain again, so enjoy it. It also lets you get the stuff done inside that you have ignored when it’s sunny.

  3. wow, u have more patience of me and I’m a city gal now..course the sun helps the mood as well but I just hope summer does come soon..course then I’ll not like the ND state bird that comes out either.. so I’ll do my best to have patience although I didn’t become a DR. Happy Wed. Thanks.

  4. Loved this post … it was a great way to start a spring day!
    Thanks so much for your pictures and prose.

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