See ya on the Radio

Good Morning everyone. I come to you from my little sister’s apartment on the eastern part of the state where the land is a little flatter, the snow has stuck around, the bed head is massive and the pet cat is out of control.

I am here to do a little promotion for The Celebration of Women and their Music show here in Fargo next Saturday. It’s something I’m am excited to be a part of again because it’s a place where talented women from around the region come to showcase their music and raise money for scholarships for select high school music students.

To that I say, “Yay Girl Singers!”

If you’re in the area next Saturday be sure to check it out:
Celebration of Women and their Music
Saturday, February 18, 2012
6:30 PM
Historic Fargo Theatre in downtown Fargo, ND
Call 1- 800-514-3849
or visit

If you have a minute today while you’re eating your noodle salad at lunch today,
catch me on the
Christopher Gabriel Program
12:35 Central
Listen here! 

And after that Little Sister and I will be doing what sisters do…eating lunch, having cocktails, shopping for shoes and purses, catching a movie, painting our toenails, taming her damn cat, redecorating her apartment, and, well, eating some more…

See ya out on the town!

2 thoughts on “See ya on the Radio

  1. Wish I was there to come to the celebration…I love your music and love music…it is one constant when you live out in the isolated country:) Your plan of shopping sounds like fun too:) Have fun!!!

  2. We enjoyed having you on the Program Jesse & Can’t wait to see you perform at the Fargo Theatre! Hope you had fun with your sister even though you picked the coldest few days we’ve had yet to come!

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