Are you warm yet?

Uff da, it’s kinda cold here in Fargo.  It’s normal for February, but with all of the 50 degree temperatures we’ve had in January, we’ve been spoiled and confused about what season we’re living in. Which makes today’s -32  windchill feels a little mean.

Yes, today in Fargo it’s winter indeed and I am happy I remembered to pack my giant sweater.

But we’re in the middle of February and even though the light at the end of the winter tunnel is approaching I think it’s time for a little reminder of what this land looks like with a change of clothes.

Because even a mild winter can feel long up here. So we need to be reminded that all that brown and white…

will eventually turn green.

That snowflakes

turn to raindrops…

and the frozen creeks will melt

and babble and sing again.

And the bare trees will bring fruit that tastes sweet on our lips,

The sun will once again flush our pale cheeks,

and strip the thick coats from the back of the beasts.

Creatures will emerge,

flowers will bloom again,

and the sun will soon rise on a new season.

There. Are you warm yet?

9 thoughts on “Are you warm yet?

  1. Definitely warmed me up – perfect timing too, since we’re expecting snow tomorrow! Lovely post, as always…You live in a truly beautiful place; thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thanks for reminding me. It’s snowing here and I think I will knit this afternoon, with my dog at my feet. Fargo was always cold and windy with snirt* all over the place. BRRRRRRRRR *snow and dirt.

  3. Yes….you did pick a cold few days to come to Fargo: our coldest yet this winter! But it sure inspired a beautiful post! Gorgeous photos! I think I’ll pin a few on Pinterest 😀 Thanks for the warm up!

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