Spring Resolutions.

I tell you, brown and blue have become my favorite colors.

Because it means the snow is melting and the sun is shining.

Soon that brown will be replaced by the best color in the universe. Green.

I’ve seen a little of it lately. Poking through the mud, just eager to make an appearance.

Last year at this time I’m sure I was out counting crocuses.

This year, I’m still snow bank hopping.

But I know it’s coming. Spring always comes. It’s the one constant we can rely on when everything else is crazy and unpredictable or gray or dull or blizzardy.

Spring. Spring will come and so will the baby calves and soon it will be summer.

So I’m waiting and doing what I’ve done since I was a little girl…following the new creeks and rivers that are escaping from the snow.

I follow them because I like the sound the water makes. The rushing, bubbling, quiet roar as the it rolls down hills and through gullies, across logs and over polished rocks. It reminds me of breathing and heartbeats and freedom and a world that gets another chance to clean up and show us what she’s got.

Everyone makes resolutions in the new year, in the middle of winter when the world is still in a deep sleep, frozen and unambitious.

I make my resolutions in the spring, in solidarity with the regrowth and new things blooming under the watch, guidance and encouragement of the warm sun.

I resolve to open up my heart as wide and fearless as the chokecherry blossoms, because our lives are short.

And I promise to be as dependable as the pair of geese that return to our dam year after year because love means loyalty.

I will work to be as strong as the oak, even under the harshest winds. Because that wind is steady only in its unpredictably and I don’t want to be a woman who backs down.

But I’ll listen close like a deer at the snap of a branch and I will take time to understand my home and what is meant to be here and what is a threat.

I will sing at the top of my lungs like the chickadees,

splash the brown world with color like a wildflower,

and I will run wild like the water in the creeks roaring down the banks and through the trees and warming up for a new life in the bright spring sun.

10 thoughts on “Spring Resolutions.

  1. I live in the city but love spring for all the same reasons. It makes me happy to see a teenager AND her mother wearing bare legs and sandals on a sunny day – not because it is especially warm but – because it is ‘time’.

  2. That’s the most wonderful thing I’ve read this week. I love your observations, so honest and down to earth. It’s beautiful to be so in tune with your surroundings. I’m going to open my eyes a little wider tomorrow. Loved all your photo’s too, especially the sweet chickadee hanging on to the tippy top of that cedar…awesome!

  3. Beautiful spring colors peeking through! I also am using spring to look for resolutions and represent a new beginning. I cannot wait to see your beautiful green hills as the seasons continue to roll.

  4. A lovely, thoughtful celebration of the dawn of spring and the dominant colors for you at this time of year. It’s turned from perpetual grey to blue here too! Thank you 🙂

  5. Spring resolutions … neat idea, Jessie! I love the passion for life in your observations and resolutions.

    The sky and clouds have been beautiful this week. I have to disagree with you on the brown. Our brown never saw any snow banks. It is dirty, dry and depressing.

    We have a little bit of cool season grass trying to green up. If we don’t get any moisture our spring might be pretty sad. We keep an optimistic and prayerful attitude around here.

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