How it goes with trees

IMG_7603 There’s miles and miles of trees out here behind our houses. Just trees, yes, but trees in these parts are hard to come by.

This season is about all run out as we find ourselves at the end of October. The leaves are brown, the wind has taken most of them, swirled them around, tossed them up and let them fall.

But yesterday there were a few stragglers, a few trees that held out to stand out above the crowd. So I went out looking for them.

IMG_7604IMG_7608 IMG_7610 IMG_7612 IMG_7615 IMG_7619 IMG_7621 IMG_7624 IMG_7628 IMG_7634 IMG_7639 IMG_7642 IMG_7645 IMG_7647 IMG_7649 IMG_7654 IMG_7656It’s funny how the colors seem brighter when we know they’re fleeting. In these same spaces today, with the wind and the gray skies, most of these leaves I admired yesterday have now hit the ground.

IMG_7665I knew it would happen. That’s the thing about this place. The trees, they are the reason it looks different here every day. 
IMG_7675 IMG_7677The trees and that sky.
IMG_7680So except for that sky, it will be brown now, until it turns white.

And it will be white until it turns brown again.

Then it will be brown until it turns green.

Green until gold…and so on and so on because that’s how it goes with trees…


7 thoughts on “How it goes with trees

  1. Incredible photos! Many years ago, I lived in the mountains and the fall trees were different every day. People ‘ride’ by and see their beauty but actually living their colors, day by day, is quite an experience. You have a perfect little world within your reach. Thanks so much for sharing this post!


  2. Beautiful photos, we will miss the trees, but welcome the change, because we know it will return, that’s our faith
    and promise.

  3. I don’t comment often enough to say how much I enjoy your photos and columns. I watch the trees across the street in much the same way you describe – to enjoy the ever changing colors and moods of nature. I am fortune to be on one side of a broad street and look on a grove of older full grown trees that were in place long before the row of new houses on either side of them. I am so thankful builders did not cut them down.

  4. Beautiful pics. I love the autumnal colours that you have in the Northern Hemisphere. Where I live in Australia we don’t really have four seasons. It’s more just summer and winter conditions really. I’ve just started blogging and am enjoying discovering wonderful thoughts and photography from bloggers all over the world.

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